friends, foes and mitbürger. it's been a long time, but past events had taken the fun out of bloggin... weiterlesen
2.4.09 23:34

the annual easterbunnization

is it just your bamse, or does the easterbunny get more and more invasive each year? it hobbles more... weiterlesen
5.4.09 10:50

╔╪ greeeeeeen ╪╗

your bamse has been a good bamse and held her diet on holy thursday. everything green hit her pots a... weiterlesen
11.4.09 22:11


agent bamse boldly went where nobody went before and caught the easterbunny red handed when he was d... weiterlesen
11.4.09 22:14


thank you megaseufz for drawing my attention to this vampire series, which might be the weirdest pie... weiterlesen
11.4.09 22:21

what's wrong in this picture

another episode of our beloved series. can you spot the stranger? ... weiterlesen
15.4.09 19:48

cold, cold ground

not just for vampires - an icecream in a coffin. with blood-red and bittersweet cranberries as long... weiterlesen
15.4.09 19:49

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