dialogues we cannot do without

again for my dear megaseufz (kjŠre!). taken from the blood ties episode necrodrome: (Henry begins... weiterlesen
4.11.08 00:12

picture puzzle

it has struck your bamse recently, while she was joyously watching the latest palin-prank, that mcca... weiterlesen
4.11.08 00:27


thanks to my captain for this hilarious piece of shitvideo: > link for megaseufz ... weiterlesen
9.11.08 17:26

his lordness

your bamse, who is now drawn deeper and deeper into the mysterious world of shadows, found out, that... weiterlesen
13.11.08 22:07

what happened here...?

a) a bat was run over by a van b) vampire dropped his fast food c) ketchup wars: battle of the bot... weiterlesen
13.11.08 23:04