the bamse started worrying about things, she never thought that she would ever worry about. eco-foo... weiterlesen
5.9.08 10:35

who said...

...the wraith did not have a sense of humour? on the other hand, are we really eager to know? ... weiterlesen
12.9.08 16:32

urbam kochn

"heast oida, wos kroch ma denn zum essen?" "fix, einbrenn, oida!" ... weiterlesen
12.9.08 16:55


...somebody who knows how to get the style right! ... weiterlesen
13.9.08 22:29


here is a little spoiler for megaseufz (you gotta do something for your friends every now and then).... weiterlesen
15.9.08 23:25


this is ultimately and f***ing miserably the worst paul weller video EVER in the history of private ... weiterlesen
17.9.08 22:25


migraine in the membrane. woke up this morning with a tense neck, that developed into a severe head... weiterlesen
19.9.08 23:51

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