21.11.12 20:39


..mich gibt's noch!
11.7.11 22:31

29.9.10 11:22


long time no blog. apparently blogging has gotten highly unfashionable. and this will be, without any doubt, the blog-entry that no one ever is going to read. a little sad *methinks*

21.9.10 14:13

news news news

let's finally not waste any more time and words on people who do not deserve the attention. let's get to the stuff that really matters - new series. with true blood coming back in a few weeks, there are a few other productions out there worth seeing. or maybe not..

happy town/
trying a little too hard to make up to twin peaks. another minnessota smalltown and sort of mysterious murders. but it it just is NOT twin peaks.

have the writers, producers and directors been taking funny pills? how can you possibly show that stuff on us-tv? and i want more cops like that back home..

flash forward/
more of that! more of that! more of that! more of that! more of that! more of that! more of that! more of that! more of that! why do we have to bother with crap like desperate mousehives or speck and the pity? and, more important, why does a series like that not deserve a second season??

and what did you see?

30.5.10 12:43


wünsche frohes fest - ønsker god jul - wish you a merry christmas - auch dir - ja dir (auch wenn du es nicht wirklich verdienst).

24.12.09 12:53


long time no visitor. just viewed the statistics to this blog and it is a desaster. does one have to set daily entries to be constantly read? or am i setting my customers to sleep with my stories and videos? thinking about packing it in...

not even the "enemy" reads and bashes me anymore. that gives me something to think about!

14.12.09 13:40

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